Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm not pregnant.

Hey guys!  I know I've been kind of out of touch, but it's finals week.  Tomorrow are my last two finals, after which point I will be back in the blogosphere full force.  It seems like I go about a week between postings now!  I want to post more, and I can't tell you how many times I've made notes to myself about various blog ideas...that have inevitably ended up being literally thrown away.  Though I haven't been writing very much I have still been reading.  Let me just say that all you ladies crack me up!  This two weeks is stressful for me, because of school and Heath being out of town for work (and potty training), but your posts continue to be place of rest and laughter for me.  The whispering writer always makes me laugh, and today's Nativity post at Ostriches Look Funny had me cracking up!  You're not only funny gals though, you make me think too!  And some of you (shame on you!) occasionally make me cry just a little.  Your stories and thoughts are beautiful, so thank you!

Alright, the title of today's post is true.  I'm not pregnant.  I am writing about baby names though.  On Facebook today someone wrote about baby names, Twilight baby names specifically.  I was wondering what your thoughts are on baby names?  Not Twilight specifically, just names in general.  For names you've already chosen for kids you already have, did you name your child after another person, a character, a virtue maybe?  Were you bound by any guidelines for the name? Example: All the first born sons in my husbands family have the initials HBK.  FYI, good boy names that begin with H are harder to come by than you might imagine. 

My son's name is Harper Benjamin.  Obviously we stuck to the HBK rule.  We chose Harper because it was cute.  That's as complicated as it got.  We chose Benjamin because it went well with Harper and (bonus) it's a bible name.  

It's unlikely that I'll have this many kids, but still, I want to be prepared.    

So, though I'm not pregnant, here's my rough draft list of names:

Elizabeth Darcy (Pride and Prejudice, people)
Rosalie Anne (like Anne of Green Gables, and YES Rosalie is from Twilight. The character isn't my favorite, but the name just sings to me!)
Emalie Isabella (Emalie was the name of my baby doll when I was a kid, and Isabella is not from Twilight, it's purely coincidence.)
Margaret Josephine (Little Women)

Laurence Alexander (Little Women again and my Dad's middle name.)
Bram Franklin (like Bram Stoker, author of Dracula, and Franklin just because I like it.)
Joseph Abraham (bible name and Abe Lincoln)
Jefferson Edwin (like Thomas Jefferson, and Edwin just because.  My husband really likes Edwin a lot, so technically this is his choice.)

The only boy name I've got my heart really really set on is Laurence Alexander, the rest is not definite and could change when we get to that point.  As far as the girl names though, they're basically set in stone.  Especially Emalie and Rosalie, the former being my first choice.  

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