Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Holiday plans and Christmas shopping. Check and check.

Hey guys!  Ok, I'm going to brag/celebrate a little bit right now because I've (almost) finished my Christmas shopping!  With the exception of a few things, I'm done!  I'm so relieved.  

I'm usually an early present buyer anyway; I really hate holiday crowds.  I'm just especially proud of myself this year because school has been extra hectic and things have been busy.  

Oh, in addition to being done, I managed to actually not spend that much money.  I really didn't want to go overboard this year.  Don't get me wrong, I still spent an obscene amount a lot more than I had to, but it wasn't that bad.  

I'll post at the bottom of the post to show you guys our loot.  What are you getting this year, for yourself and your little ones?

Speaking of Christmas, we've also made our holiday plans for the year.  I'm not going to lie, it sucks that we're not going to be home for Christmas morning.  I really do prefer to be home for Christmas day with kids.  I think they deserve to be at their own home for Christmas.  My best Christmases as a child were always at my own house, with just my immediate family.  It was relaxed and relatively quiet.  However, sometimes it just can't be helped.  I mean, we want and need to visit family, and Christmas is just the time to do it.  Can I help it that I'm kind of a recluse?

And honestly, it will be nice to see everyone.  Who knows, maybe we'll even get to have a White Christmas...?  Yeah, down here it's unheard of.  Seriously.  In addition to getting to visit our family (and meet some for the first time), we get to visit some friends and see Monticello!

I'm not a history buff.  I'm not into politics.  So, why Thomas Jefferson?  I can't lie, I have a small crush on him.  I had to write a paper about him my freshman year of college, and since then I've been kind of fascinated with him.  He designed his home, and it's beautiful.  That's my favorite thing about him.  In addition to that, he's just generally fascinating.  Well, since Heath's family is in Virginia, we're going to go to Monticello for a day while we're there.  I really can't tell you how excited I am.  It's been on "my list" for a few years.  

Well, that's all for now.  I'm finished giving up on homework for the night and I need to hit the sack.  

Oh, here's our Christmas loot.    

Though you can barely see it, there's Heath's new hiking boot in the corner too.

My presents!  I love them.  They're not even wrapped yet, and I already can't wait to open them.  

And finally, here's Harper's stuff.  Like I said, I tried not to go overboard this year, but he got some pretty good stuff.  You know what makes me happiest?  I got almost everything on sale.  Those costumes in the front were about 4 bucks a piece, and the big foot thing was 15$ off.  Awesome. 


  1. Plus you get to see meeeee! :)

  2. I'm jealous! I have barely started my shopping. I have a couple things but not much. But I never have been one to get it done too early. I don't leave it till the night before or anything but I'm never done before Thanksgiving. My favorite Christmases are at home too. Once we had Avery I decided that we would always have Christmas at home (if possible). My parents, sister, and brother-in-law come over for Christmas day and I think that will continue until they have kids of their own. Once that happens I have a feeling we'll get together before or after and each spend it with our immediate families (plus the grandparents who will probably alternate years).