Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Coast Guard wants me to fail.

Heath just got orders for a two week training.  When is that two weeks?  Oh that's right, it's finals week and the week after. 

I swear to you, all of his crazy work things happen just when I'm in the hardest part of school!  I realize it's crazy to think that the entire Coast Guard is conspiring against me, plotting for a way to make my life just a little bit harder.  But seriously, how many times can this happen?!  

My son likes to say "This cannot happen!" a lot when he's not getting his way.  Well, right now he's right on.  

This.  Cannot.  Happen.  

If only that were true.  Damn I wish I ruled the world.  

On the plus side though, I'll only have to reschedule 1 final, and at least he's here the week before.  That way I can get some studying done early.

Another good thing is we won't have to reschedule his leave and our Virginia vacation to visit his family.  We already had to do that once, last year, and it would be really sucky of us to do it again.  

I know I should be grateful that he has a secure job, especially when the economy is the way that it is.  It's just that sometimes, I would like to take the Coast Guard by the neck and strangle it wish they thought about my schedule a little bit too.  

Well, that's all I have time for right now, for I need to go to class and see about rescheduling a final.  

Randomness!  I also need to brush my teeth before I go, because I just don't think tuna breath goes well with a schedule change request to your instructor.  Haha!  


  1. Oh honey... yes the military, no matter what branch... never thinks of the rest of us. But the one upside to this yucky dilemma is that we all know you can handle it. You are extremely intelligent and no matter what you will figure all of it out! I am sure your finals will go wonderfully!

  2. That stinks! In my opinion, it's hard enough when a spouse is away and when you have a crazy, busy, stressful week, that just makes it so much worse. However, as tough as it will be, you are amazing and can handle it. Might not be fun but I know you can do it! But someone needs to talk to the coast guard! : )