Friday, October 15, 2010

Time flies when you're having...oh wait....

I realized that my last post was last weekend.  I know it's quite lazy of me, especially because a lot of you post much more often than I do.  (And it's usually pretty darn good stuff too!  I don't know how yall do it.)

So, I figured I'd hop on here really quickly while the hubs is out and the little one is asleep.  Which reminds me [bad mom alert!], it's currently 20 minutes until 7, and I'm letting my three year old nap.  He's totally not going to sleep tonight, and I realize this, but I just really wanted the break.

It's Friday now, and I'm officially done with midterms.  They were exhausting, and I've decided that there's no chance in hell that midterms or finals are any indication of how much you know.  They only show how much coffee you can drink.  Or how many headaches you can have.  Or how much sleep you can lose.  I also decided that tests need to be staggered.  Universities should organize some kind of schedule so that each subject can have tests during a certain week.  Example: Week 1: English Tests, Week 2: Math Tests, Week 3: Science Tests, etc...  I think kids (and college students)would do a ton better in school if this was the case.

Anyway, Heath just got home, and I really need to wake Harper...and cook diner, and start homework, and clean house...

Talk to you guys later!  Have a good weekend.

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  1. I love your idea of staggered midterms, I always hated those weeks. I totally agree, it does not show what you truly know only what you can cram into your brain for that short period of time. Glad your done with it!!