Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thank YOU!

Dear Lovely-folks-who-read-my-blog,

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you for your support in this wonderful blogger community that you've created.  

Let me explain: I was sitting in Clinical Psychology this evening, trying to both pay attention and not sneeze continuously.  You see, I've got a super annoying cold that just won't go away, but that's neither here nor there...  

Anyway, as I was sitting in class tonight (when I probably should have been paying attention and taking notes), it dawned on me that not only do I like blogging, I love my fellow bloggers.  So, to you guys who continue to take time out of your busy lives to sit down and read my blog, thank you!  Not only do I appreciate you guys reading my posts, but I also love reading your posts.  It's my pick-me-up after classes, and it's come to be a part of my day that I really look forward to.  

All you ladies, while very different, continue to post these funny/interesting/informative/thought provoking/heartwarming/steamy/etc... entries that I thoroughly enjoy reading.  

So, thanks for keeping me entertained, and thanks for being so supportive of a new fellow blogger.  You're all wonderful gals!  

With love,


  1. I love you Danielle!!! I'm soo glad we're friends... In real life and bloggy buddies haha :) I love reading your blog! You are such a good writer.. you put me to shame! :)

  2. It's so amazing how much community there is in the blog world!