Friday, October 22, 2010

Rude neighbors and reorganizing.

Hey guys!  I realize it's been a few weeks since I blogged consistently.  However, I find myself in the very rare situation of being completely and totally alone at the moment.  It's weird, but I'll take it. So, let me catch yall up.  If you can get through all my bitching, you might get rewarded with some photos.  Haha.  Oh you'll see.  :)

Well, a few weeks ago, my husband and I were laying in bed.  We were just talking and laughing.  I didn't think we were being loud, but apparently our not so friendly neighbor did.  He felt it necessary to bang on the wall.  Rude.

I wanted to pound his face in.  I'm not a fighter, but this inflamed me.  Do you want to know why?  Oh I'll tell you.  It made me very angry because, we hear him too!

(So, on the needle-in-a-haystack chance that you read this too Mr. Snooty-Booty-neighbor, I hear you too!  I've heard you often.  Yes, once I even heard you whining to your mother on the phone.  If I remember correctly, you were telling her you you'd "settle" down when you were ready. So, there.)

So anyway, this incident prompted me to do two things.  First, I rearranged my bedroom, because I wanted to get as far away from that shared wall as possible.  Second, I inconveniently parked.  See, the way our apartment is arranged, we all park in a row at the front of the complex, then there's a fence with 1 gate to get in.  Well, I'm between him and the gate, and I used to pull back a little to allow him room to walk by.  Well, now I don't. I realize it's a very small, yet pretty passive aggressive thing to do, but it makes me viciously happy.  Eventually I'll let up, maybe.

But I can tell you this, he's been rather...quiet over there these past few weeks.  And, he hasn't been rude.  And, oddly enough, I haven't even seen him at all.

I didn't realize I was this passive aggressive until now.  I know, I know, I probably should be a little ashamed of my passive aggressive behavior.  Let me tell you a secret though: I'm not at all ashamed of it.  Maybe it's mean, but I'm tired of people being rude.  And I'm tired of continuing to be nice when other people are not.

For those of you who don't actually know me, I might be coming off totally rude, so let me take a minute to say this.  Typically I'm a pretty nice person.  Really.  I try to help people when I can.  I'm usually pretty generous and forgiving with most people.  It's just that here lately I've noticed how mean people are.  If I'm being honest, I probably have been more short fused than normal too, for reasons that have nothing to do with anyone else.  But neighbors banging on the wall when we can hear him too, that's rude.  People continuously cutting me off in traffic, that's rude too.  People expecting my notes from class just because I write fast (then not even trying to write their own notes because they think I'm doing it for them), that's rude.  

Ok, so, after the neighbor fiasco, I decided to rearrange my bedroom, which I did.  I don't have a picture of that because my bedroom is always a disaster area.  It's the catch all for a lot of stuff.  I'd like to think that it's all Heath, but it's totally not.  Since you've been such nice readers so far, I'll let you see my messy room.  I know, big treat right.  Well, after you see it, you might decide the better "treat" would be to not have seen it at all.  

 Seriously, messy bed, stacks of junk on just about everything.  Haha, and my mac sitting on the bed.  That's right, I seriously went back there, computer in hand, at took a picture of my pigsty.  I'm secretly hoping that me putting this picture on here will motivate me to get my ass up and clean my house!  It's starting to work already.  Mission accomplished.  Sort of.

So, this bedroom rearranging (oh, the bed used to be under the green poster, but that's the shared wall) inspired a whole home of rearranging.  I shifted every room in the house except the bathrooms and kitchen.  If I could have done something with those I totally would have.  It's still a work in progress that's taken way too long because pesky things like school and caring for my child keep getting in the way.  I'm finishing it this weekend though.  Actually, I'm finishing it as soon as I finish this post.  Homework be damned, I need a clean house to feel happy again.  

In order to further motivate myself to do it, here are the pictures of the rest of my messy house.  Please, don't alert one of those TLC/HGTV crews that come in and deal with extremely messy people yet because, I promise it'll be better soon.  

Here's the living room.  It's actually not too messy.  Just ignore the toys on the sofa and floor.  

Here's the den.  It's still a work in progress.  Things are out that should be put away.  But if you look on the left, there are some pictures.  Those are lithographs from Beauty and the Beast.  Heath got them for me!  I love them!
 More den.  See?  Messy.  
 Another den picture.  

 Here's our son Harper's room.  It's actually not that messy, compared to normal.  
 Another view.  

 Oh, and here's my messy kitchen/laundry room/giant pile of crap.  Yeah, that whole pile of junk that creates a fire hazard in front of the back door, yeah, that is my laundry pile.  Not to mention the sink full of dishes and the food on the table that never got put away.  Gosh I'm awesome.  

More, happier posts are coming, right now.  Haha, and hopefully later tonight I'll be able to post pictures of my wonderfully beautifully cleaned house.  Yeah, right.  

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