Friday, October 22, 2010

The good (minus the bad and the ugly...)

....because, you know, I already went there in Rude neighbors and reorganizing.  I figured I needed some balance, so here's all the good.

1.  Two weekends ago I went for a pedicure and to the movies with my Aunt, 2 cousins, and Heath and Harper (the boys skipped the mani/pedis).  It was a blast to get some girl time and to hang out with my cousins.  They're both preteens, and they're seriously a blast.
Oh, we saw Legend of the Guardians in 3-D.  It was a great movie, and it was spectacular in 3-D.  I didn't really expect to like it, but I was pleasantly proven way wrong.  

2.  My next good thing is delicious!  I got a few fall cooking magazines, and everything looked delicious.  I found these cookies, which not only looked great but, as cookies go, were relatively few in calories.  So, I had to make them.  They're apple-date cookies and they are as good as they look.  

The flip side to this good thing though, is that JUST after I took this picture, Heath dropped a glass on them, showering each and every beautiful, delicious cookie with tiny shards of glass, making them all trash.  I cried.  But...I got over it, because I had another roll in the fridge.  

3.  My next good thing is still a work in progress, and it might end up being nothing more than a few photos, but that's alright with me.  I entered Harper in the Gap Kids Casting Call.  I doubt he'll get to actually be a Gap kid, but to enter him, I had to take his picture.  I figured, Gap photos equal Gap clothes.  That meant shopping.  :)  Let me just say that I usually hate shopping for me, but I like shopping for my little boy.  So, I found him some cute jeans and a super cute shirt, which he could not stand until I got it on him.  Then he liked it.  Go figure.  So, here are my pictures from our "photo shoot." By that, I mean, here's the result of me bribing him with the "How to Train Your Dragon" movie and a treat if he agreed to smile and let me take a few photos.  He reluctantly agreed, but the result is seriously cute.  

4. I showed you a little before, but I wanted to make sure I put it on my happy list.  Heath ordered some Beauty and the Beast lithographs for me!  He always fills out the Disney rewards we get online.  I never do it, and I always thought it was kind of pointless.  I mean, you have to have like billions of points to be able to actually cash it in for a trip to Disney.  I never really think about the smaller things you could get.  Well, I guess Heath found these lithographs on there and he ordered them with our points.  Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid were my favorite movies growing up.  As I got older though, Belle beat out Ariel.  I love her, and her story, because she’s smart.  She and the beast get to know one another.  They really care about each other.  Not to mention her dresses are so cute!  I know I’ve given it too much thought for a Disney movie, but I love it nonetheless.  So, here are my lithographs.  I framed them and hung them up over my desk.  (I didn’t know where else to put them!) 

5. My next happy thing, I pre ordered the new MCR Album!  I should have it mid-November, and I’m really excited.  I’m going to be rocking it out while I cook our Thanksgiving dinner.  That’s for sure. 

6. Oh, my last happy is only a possibility.  We haven’t made a decision yet, and I’d actually really love yall’s input.  We’re thinking about trading in our Dodge Grand caravan for a Jeep Patriot.    Our van’s about 8 years old and has nearly 100,000 miles on it.  The Patriot we’re looking at is an 09 and it’s only got 13,000 miles on it.  It’s in good condition, though we’ll take it in to run some tests on it before we buy, just to be sure.  The van has had a few minor issues, though nothing that wasn’t “regular wear and tear”.  By the way, “regular wear and tear” constitutes way too much stuff, just for the record.   It’s been pretty good to us, and we only owe 3,000 on it.  But the Jeep is a great deal; they’d sell it for about 1,500 less than what they could sell it for.  I’m torn though, because we could pay the van off pretty soon and have no car payment, but I’ve dreamed about owning a Jeep since I was 12, and it is a great deal.  What should I do?

Oh, I should mention that we’re going to try to test drive it tomorrow.  At that point, I’ll probably be so in love with the damn thing that nothing else will matter, so tell me quick!  Should we buy or not?  What would you do?  

Alright, that's all for now guys!  I've got to clean my house.  I promise though, I'll try to be more consistent about blogging!  


  1. Those pics are amazing! All of them... but the Harper pics OH MY GOODNESS do you have a handsome son! I honestly would be shocked if you didn't get a chance at the gap thing! He is adorable. You are so positive and I love it!

  2. Haha, I'm really not that positive Korinna. You know that! Lol. Actually, I decided to post this because I realized that all too often, I go to blogging when I'm frustrated. It's good because it's a way to vent, but it's bad because it's not really representative of my life all the time.

    I mean, honestly, I've got it really good. Heath's job, though he is late often, allows us the military life without the threat of deploying, and I'm so grateful for that. Also because of Heath's job, I can go to school without having to work. Not to mention, I've got a wonderful kid who can almost always make me smile. I've got great family and friends, too. They may not live nearby, but we stay close nonetheless.

    I could go on and on...but I won't. The point is, I had to post this because I felt like I was posting too much negative stuff. I needed to make this blog more like my life: not perfect, but not bad. :)

  3. The pictures of Harper are great! You did such a wonderful job! I'll keep my fingers crossed for him! : ) The lithographs are so cool! Heath did a great job picking them out.