Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pumpkins! And Halloween Costumes! And delicious dinners and desserts!

Today's post is a little random.  I had an Italian test today, that I hopefully aced passed.  I went in to do that at 11AM.  By 11.40 I was finished and picking up Harper at the daycare.  So, we basically had the whole day to waste, which we kind of did.  More like we actually took our time doing what we had to do.  So, I figured I'd tell yall about our mostly relaxing day.  

Like I said, first off we went to school where I had a test and Harper got to play outside.  He loves playing outside.  I've got no idea how he loves it, given that it's 95 degrees here still, but he does.  Hey, it means he's getting Vitamin D and a nice healthy glow from the sun, right?  Right.  

When we got home we ate lunch.  I ate leftovers from dinner last night and Harper chose grits, applesauce, and yogurt.  He's like his dad.  They love breakfast foods.  After lunch, I checked my email and Harper watched Imagination Movers and Phineas and Ferb.  

I've been putting off going to the grocery store for a while now, trying to use what we have in our overflowing full pantry.  It saves money and helps me de-clutter.  So, it's a win-win, except I'm getting tired of spaghetti, canned soup, and all the other canned/dry stuff we had in the pantry.  So, I bit the bullet and decided to just go out and grocery shop.  I always tell myself I'm not getting a lot, and I always get a lot.  Anyway, I kept it somewhat modest this time.  The price wasn't bad, but the amount of stuff seems to have made both the fridge and the pantry overflow again.   At least I know we're not going hungry.  :)  

So, in addition to the basic grocery stuff I got some special things.  They had pumpkins and pears in the produce isle, so I got some of both!  With the pears I'm going to try a new dessert recipe I found in a Vegetarian magazine.  If it's good I'll share.  With the pumpkins...we're going to carve them!  What else!?  I might try to make something with the pie innards.  They are "Pie Pumpkins" after all.  If nothing else I can roast the seeds.  
I also got stuff to make a new dinner tonight.  I got some chinese eggplant and found a good grilled eggplant recipe thanks to Brittany, whose blog you should really check out.  I'm also making sauteed mushrooms, sesame seed salmon, and rice...and possiblly broccoli.  Harper's not huge on new foods, but he'll eat the heck out of some broccoli.  I guess he really is my kid.  

Oh, and last (actually, last night) I ordered our Halloween costumes!  I could have bought them outright, but ordering was just easier.  I love Halloween and anything to do with it, but I hate muddling through the mess disaster that results in everyone wanting their costumes now.  I mean seriously Target/Walmart/Halloween store, how difficult is it to keep things on the shelves and off the floor?  Anyway, we all chose our own and we don't match a bit.  Heath decided to be a hotdog.  To which I said "Really?  A hotdog?  ...Whatever."  I'm going to be Mother Nature.  The costume is adorable.  And, bonus: next year I could slap wings on the back and go as a fairy.  It would totally work.  Harper chose Batman.  Big surprise.  Another Super Hero.  Even though we don't match at all, it's still going to be amazingly fun.  We're going to Boo at the Zoo this year, then coming home to watch Nightmare Before Christmas and eat a bunch of candy.  :)  

Oh, here's Harper from last year.  :)  

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