Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pity Party: Part 1

Ok, so I realize I've complained a lot on my blog.  So...I'll start this one by saying this: If you're sick of hearing me whine, stop reading now.  If you'd like to join my pitty party, well, soldier on my friends.

Ok, so here's my gripe right now.  A few days ago I was talking to my husband about a missions trip I went on when I was 18.  It was a great trip that I will never forget.  Well, that stroll down memory lane made me think about all the people I went on that trip with.  A few of the guys recently got married, a few of the gals are married and have kids.  I mean, we've all grown up and lost touch, moved far away from each other, but I know basically where everyone's at thanks to Facebook.  Well, that made me sort of realize that  an ex friend/boyfriend of mine, also on the trip, doesn't have any of those communication type things...that I know of  We dated for a few years and we kind of lost touch after I got married.  I mean, we stayed friends for a while, but I moved and he....well, I've honestly got no idea what happened to him.  He must be stuck in the stone age because there's no sign of him on Facebook.  Seriously, who doesn't have Facebook?

Anyway, I'm friends with his mom on Myspace.  I hadn't gotten on Myspace in forever.  I really just keep it so that I can save my photos on there.  Side note: I really should collect and organize all my photos from all around the internet (namely FB and Myspace), and all around my apartment, but that takes far too much time and I'm far too lazy for a task like that.  Do you think you could hire someone to do all that for you?  Hey, maybe this person could organize all my personal records while they're at it....?  

So anyway, I log on to Myspace, for probably the first time this year, and email his mom.  She and I were never super close, but we were ok I thought.  We definitely don't talk now, but at a time we semi-close.  The break-up got kind of icky with her, but honestly I can't remember most of it.  It's been so long now...and I was kind of on drugs at the time (that's a sort of long story that I can totally share later.  And for the record they were legal drugs).  Anyway, I emailed her on Myspace, asked her how she was doing, what they've been up to, how her son (my ex) was doing, and was there any way to get in touch with him?  I'd like to say hi and see what he's been up to these last 4 years or so.

Let me just take this moment to say a big thank you to Myspace for having that feature that shows me if someone has read my email or not.  I love you for that, Myspace.  

Well, needless to say, she read it and didn't respond.  Ok, I know I'm not her favorite person in the world, but seriously, her son and I were friends for longer than we dated, and I'd like to know how he's doing.  I know she know show to get in touch with him.  Why not tell me?  Why not let him decide if he wants to talk to me or not?

Oh, P.S. her "mood" on Myspace is "angsty."  Maybe I'm being a little narcissistic, but I'm kind of thinking that maybe, just maybe that's for me.  I know I might be jumping the gun here, but it's taking everything in me to not call this woman a bitch.  Deeeep breath.  Who knows, I'm sure she's got much more going on than an email from her son's old girlfriend. I'm sure there are other things to make her feel "angsty", which, according to my Mac is not a word.  Just for the record.

Yeah, I don't think she's going to pass along my message, and that really bothers me.  I don't want to talk to her son because he's my ex-boyfriend, I want to talk to him because he was my friend, and I treasure the mission trip we went on when we were both 18.  And I'm in touch with most everyone else, and I'd like to catch up with him too.  I'd like to know that he's happy.


  1. I'm the same way!!! If I write to someone and they don't write back, it pisses me off. I feel like they are just ignoring me but then most of the time they write back and explain that they were busy but I always get take it personal. Haha. :) Maybe she is waiting to hear back from him to see if it's ok that she passes on his info, or maybe she's just really busy? I hope she writes you back and doesn't just ignore your message! By the way, the thing with her changing her mood and you thinking it had something to do with you, I do the same exact thing!! I assume the same type of things like that. Haha. I hate that I do that because in the end it usually has nothing to do with me. That's funny. Good luck!

  2. Thanks. And I know!!! I do it all the time. Most of the time I find out it has NOTHING to do with me, but in the moment (haha, and that moment is now) I can't help but think it's about me. Lol.

    If I had to guess though, I'd say that thought the "angsty" thing probably isn't about me, she probably won't message me back. I don't think she ever liked me dating her son. She didn't have a problem with just me, but once I dated her son, all bets were off.

    Either way, bottom line, I hope my ex is good. And I hope to hear from him again one day. :)

  3. Sadly, there is a BIG possibility that your ex is not good. Maybe that is why she does not want to respond. Yes, she did dislike you (and and I think all the more reason that she does not want to respond and have to tell you that her son is possibly strung out on some hard core drugs. I talk with this fella at Wal-Mart who knows your ex and he will sometimes update me. I will ask how he is doing. MOST of the time he is jobless and living off of his roommates and has some drug issues. Very say! Even though his mom can be a mean lady and somewhat judge mental it must be very difficult to know your kid, no matter the age, is not going down the right road. Very sad!!
    So I would not take it personally!!

  4. But see, that's why I'd like to hear from him, because I've got no idea how he's doing! I really hope he's alright. Well, if you do talk to "his friend" (darn my not mentioning names rule) again, give him my number to pass along or get the ex's number for me, will you? I just really want to hear from him. Thanks mom.

    And about her, yeah, I know she didn't really like me, I just hoped we were past that. Oh well.

  5. You know I have learned that many people NEVER actually grow up, they grow old and maybe ugly, but they just can't seem to grow up:-)

  6. First off, no need to apologize for venting a little, that's what blogs are for!! It's your blog and you should say whatever you want to!

    Drives me nuts when people don't respond, especially if I know they got the message. Being ignored is the worst!

    I bet her mood had nothing to do with you but I do the same thing. I take things so personally. It's hard not too!

    I hope she gets back to you soon!