Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who am I???

I feel like I've been having an out of body experience these last few weeks. Haha. All of these things are out of character for me.

1. I've agreed to let my husband get not one but TWO guns. He's got a shotgun back in his hometown, and I've recently officially approved of him bringing it home, not that it mattered because I'm pretty sure he was bringing it home either way. Lol. Darn men! The second gun will be a new purchase, a small handgun. Now, I'm demanding a gun safe for them, but still, the fact that I'm letting a gun in my house is a huuuuuge step for me.

2. I've agreed to go..... camping. I seriously must have been possessed. I don't camp. Of course, I've got a qualification in order for this one to happen too; I need a toilet. I just can't go someplace and use a port-a-potty. They gross me out! What if there's some creeper hanging out in there?! Haha, my Heath is being nice about it though, we're waiting until it's cooler here in Louisiana. At least we won't be sweating in our sleep.

3. This one seriously came from left field. I was even the one to suggest it!! I mentioned to Heath that it might be a good idea for our next vehicle to be a truck. Lol. I think I can actually get on board with the truck thing though, because it's got some serious advantages. The next time we move, it would be super convenient, and depending on where we live, it might be nice to have something that handles somewhat well in snow. Not to mention, our van is getting old and starting to have some maintenance issues, so it might be best to look into trading in while we can.

Does anyone have any truck recommendations? We would need something with a back seat that has enough leg room, preferably 4 door, with a maximum V6 engine (not looking for a gas guzzler), and of course nothing too expensive we're on a single income-E5 salary after all. :)

Well, back to the point, though I've been making some pretty unexpected, uncharacteristic decisions lately, I'm also pretty excited about the direction things are going.

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