Wednesday, June 9, 2010

No time

This is going to be a relatively short post, since my semester has started and I'm honestly supposed to be doing homework right his moment. However, I just wanted to comment on the fact that I'm only a week into my semester and I've already got virtually no time to do all the wife/mommy things I wish I could. Things like making homemade dinner, keeping the house as clean as I'd like, spending time with Heath, even little things like playing outside with my little one are a thing of the past now. I know I need to get my degree so I can get a good job to contribute to providing a good life for my family, but is it really worth it? I wish there could be two of me, so I could simultaneously work to provide a better life, and be home to actually see my family. Because honestly, as a child, what's the benefit of higher income when neither of your parents are ever available?

What's better, having a stay at home parent or being more financially stable? I've honestly got no idea right now.

Quickly (because I've got to get back to my unbelievably boring biology textbook), I'd like to share a bit of info on my research project this semester. The class is Experimental Design and Methodology of Psychology. The main goal of this class is to complete a research project. In honor of my Mom, who's probably the most amazing mother I'll ever meet (seriously), I've decided to research the affects of "older child" adoption on family functioning and adjustment compared to both younger child and non adoptive families. It's a topic that's been studied for quite a while, so there's already info out there, but still, I'm very excited about it.